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Spring/Summer Banner 2017 Posted on Sun, March 12, 2017 11:13:13

The Saipan Banner

Spring is arriving to Sweden slowly, so I figure its time to swap banners again. This photo is from my last wreck dive in Saipan on 10 January 2017. If you have been following my updates from my recent six week long Philippines & Micronesian project, you would know that the first dive of that day was a tank dive, and the the two following ones were freedives.

I got a load of utterly beautiful footage from this long project, and a lot of them from diving. Like the one chosen for the Saipan Banner, which is intended to be on display through the spring and summer.

Preparations for my next underwater bonanza is already on its way! The fabled Sardine Run of South Africa along the eastern coast of the country in June-July, is my new target. Additional deep diving and wreck diving in the Western Cape Province for two weeks is also included in my itinerary.

I will post more info on my upcoming Sardine Run project on the main site shortly. The Sardine Run of South Africa is widely regarded as one of natures greatest events.

– More on my upcoming South African dive project in June-July is on its way!

The Winter Banner 2016/2017 Posted on Thu, December 15, 2016 00:51:56

The Cagsawa Banner

I guess its time to swap banners now, and what could be more appropriate than my photo from the Cagsawa Church Ruins with Mount Mayon in the distance from yesterday. I have been here in the Albay region, the Philippines, for three days and Mount Mayon is not surprisingly the reference point where ever you go.

The story behind the Cagsawa Church Ruins and Mount Mayon itself is a dramatic and fatal one, that I will tell again once starting posting updates with photos from my ongoing trip. My Philippines & Micronesia project started on Sunday 11 December, and will continue to 20 January when I am supposed to touch down on Swedish soil again.

Summer banner 2016 Posted on Sun, June 12, 2016 20:52:58

Summer banner 2016

Its now time to swap banners to the summer banner 2016. This photo is one I took going home from my gym in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden, on 4 July 2015, picturing a hot-air balloon and the beautiful evening sky.

Having had my advanced shoulder surgery four days ago, on Wednesday June 8, I’m now on the mend. With rest, rehab and time, I should have all the possibilities to make a full recovery during the autumn and end this year with my spectacular Philippines & Micronesia World War II diving project!

– More info and photos about my surgery and progress will be posted here soon!

Spring banner 2016 Posted on Fri, April 29, 2016 22:49:51

Better late than never

I swapped banners some three months ago and obviously forgot to write a post about it. Its actually soon time to swap this one too as its turning to summer in a near future here in Sweden.

This photo was taken by some other tourist visiting the Deadvlei in Namibia on 27 December 2015. Deadvlei is a spectacular location to say the least. It used to be an oasis before the water supplies were cut off by a sand dune, so today only the ghostly reminder of the long gone oasis are the dead trees.

Eventhough I had seen plenty of pictures of it, and read about it in book and online, the real thing is almost unreal.

I haven’t posted anything since my return to Sweden from Southern Africa, mainly because of some issues that required my full attention. One of these are of course the forthcoming surgery of my right shoulder, that is dictating much of what, when and how a future travel project will materialise.

The best case scenario is me having the surgery before June, this would allow some six months of recuperation and physiotherapy in order to get my shoulder back to a higher working level that is possible today.

But at the moment everything is on hold, as the CT-scan and a neurophysiological examination of my should in May will tell if more damages will have to be addressed at the surgery. They will try to not only to fix my Acetabular labrum, but also all the muscle ruptures and kook into the indications of Scapular problems. The Teres minor muscle however is gone and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

– I will soon update my website with some fresh project info!

Autumn/Winter banner 2015 Posted on Sun, September 13, 2015 19:49:12

Its time to go back to Africa

The autumn/winter banner 2015 was shot ten years ago, on 7 July 2005, in Masai Mara, Kenya. There were in fact three White Rhinos only five meters from me when this photo was taken, of which only one is caught on this photo. It was my last day in the Masai Mara and a truly magnificent end to my stay there.

At the end of this year I am going back to Africa, this time to South Africa and Namibia with Paula. All the major arrangements are made at this point and the itinerary is looking very good so far. This is classic project already on the drawing board.

I believe this four week project will take in the best of South Africa and Namibia: culture, history, flora and fauna, culinary delights, some of South Africas finest wines, some spectacular freediving with Sharks, camp through Namibia, and more of course.

-Read more about this project at .

Spring/Summer banner 2015 Posted on Sat, February 28, 2015 23:15:21

The spring banner 2015

The new banner for Ad Astra pictures my fiancée in Panama City, Panama, during our latest real holiday in August – September last year. Panama is a lovely country where one easily can get around and also offers a good portion on adventure sports.

Since this photo was taken, Paula has moved to Sweden and has settled down nicely here. And I have recently been able to look into some highly interesting locations and activities to incorporate into holiday projects.

A hint of what kind of locations and activities might be interesting for us later this year can be seen on .

Online! Posted on Sat, July 20, 2013 17:28:33

The new site is now online

The new was uploaded about an hour ago, even though plenty of work remains on the video page with all them links being remade. The music and download pages will also be updated, but not all that much.The front page obviously contains information about some of the highlights during my forthcoming Total Ecuador 2013/2014 trip, which will be good fun. Guaranteed!

– Check out the new !

Sneak peak Posted on Thu, July 11, 2013 21:09:50

Here’s the first image of the new and upgraded that will go online this month for sure. Working on it during the past two weeks has been quite fun and creative to say the least!

The image above shows a part of the Home page, also known as the Index page. The new website is more or less complete now, but lots of the videos/links that will go into this new website are still to be made though.

– See you later, guys!

Work in progress Posted on Wed, June 26, 2013 20:40:23


I’ve had this idea of a new site for a few years really, but never got the time to dwell into it. And since is celebrating a decade on the web this year, the timing couldn’t be better to present an entirely new site!

The updating of the main site, , has now entered a more productive phase that in the past five or six months! The entire site and all aspects of it will be totally updated and upgraded. Currently work is being carried out on design, contents, and photos, of this new site that will be online in the near future.

– Ta da!

October 2012 Posted on Sat, October 06, 2012 14:46:28

The October 2012 banner

A few days into the new month, I’ve uploaded this month’s banner. Having had plenty of commitments the past months, I haven’t been all that active on Ad Astra lately.

Slipping into the direction of a more designed banner for this month, here’s the October 2012 banner!

At the moment, I have the blue print for a four week long climbing trip next year, that even will involve a lot of other fun activities. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in another trip before that, to a place I’ve been looking at for a very long time!

I’m still looking into new video editors, and haven’t made a decision which one to go with yet.

Updating music page Posted on Sun, September 30, 2012 18:34:31

Music page will be updated too

This evening I’ll also shut down the music page on for updating and maintenance. A review of my music there and removal of a few tracks will most probably occur.

I’ve narrowed down my search for a new video editor to two, and will evaluate them during a few weeks before making a final choice.

Photo, video, and download pages.. Posted on Sun, September 23, 2012 13:44:43


I’ve started to update the main site today, and no longer can one access the photos or videos as before. Also, the download page contains now only three screensavers. All wallpapers are gone.

September 2012 Posted on Sat, September 08, 2012 12:57:53

The September 2012 banner

I swapped banners a few days ago to the one seen here now. This photo is one I shot on the morning of August 29 this year, on my way to Ersta Hospital in Stockholm, where I work. The hospital itself, is found somewhere in the darkness of the shadows to the right.

Obviously I haven’t been able to be all that active here on Ad Astra the past few weeks, and I still haven’t started updating the main page yet. I simply got to prioritise other matters at the moment.

Things are eventually going to be updated here on Ad Astra, and I’m still trying to find another good video editor..

Updating Posted on Sun, August 19, 2012 16:09:57


The general idea was to start updating my website already last week, but due to some major video editing software issues, I haven’t been able to do so. The two prime areas of concern are the photo and video pages on , that are giong to merge into one single link on the main site (somewhat like Chimborazo 6310m on the photo page). This is intended to provide a more complete picture of those climbing trips etc.

As soon as I’ve sorted out those software issues, I’ll be working on that new single link that eventually will be presented on the main site. At the end of this month the photo and video link on will be shut down permanently, and along with that some of my music that’s in those videos! I’ll even review the music page and remove one or two songs of mine there..

– Catch you later guys!

Ad Astra banners of 2011 Posted on Mon, December 19, 2011 14:56:32

The twelwe banners that headed Ad Astra in 2011

I guess it’s time to present all of the banners for this year.

As previous years, my motifs represents a wide array of situations, locations and expectations. Covering the cold and beautiful Swedish winter on the three first, followed by photos from Nepal, Sweden, Ecuador and two photos from the archipalago of Åland. The four last banners pictures Barajas airport in Madrid, Spain, leaves and dumbbells in Stockholm, Sweden, and the the stunning sunset as seen from high camp on Pisang Peak in Nepal 2009.

Click on my images to enlarge.

Ad Astra is read by people in more than 45 countries each month, and I aim to please some of them with with my photos in the banners. Not a single banner for 2012 is made so far though.

– But as always, I’ll try to top the previous year. smiley

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