The City of Buenos Aires

The Argentinean capital city of Buenos Aires is one of Latin America’s top tourist destinations so I just had to include it in my itinerary for my forthcoming “7 weeks in Latin America” project. I will spend half a week here after my Patagonian leg of my project and the Brazilian stop-over, mainly to take in the famed museums, culture, art and history of this city. And I’m sure I’ll be sipping down some Argentinean wine too..

The city is highly influenced by the Europeans who started to arrive to Buenos Aires some 150 years ago and is today synonymous with Tango, which has influences from European, Native American and also African cultures. The dance is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List since 2009 after a joint proposal by Argentina and Uruguay. And if you haven’t got a clue what Tango music sound like, just listen to the music in this video.

I have made hotel reservations really close to the Obelisque and am hoping to get some beautiful nighttime timelapses of it with my new mirrorless Sony a6000 camera from the room of my hotel there. And with the addition of a Haida Neutral Density 3.0, 1000x filter to my camera, I should be able to get at least some sensationally good photos. This filter is suited for very long exposure times and could boost my creativity.

When coming up with this project I initially also had Santiago, the capital city of Chile in it, but with the timeframe available between Patagonia and the Carnival of Barranquilla in Colombia, that starts on February 10, I had to settle for only Buenos Aires. I’m pretty sure I’ll have another project that will include Santiago in the future, so only Buenos Aires will have my full attention for half a week in early February this time.