Full itinerary for my South African Dive Bonanza project

Its now less than two weeks to departure and all flights, accommodations and dives have been arranged for my South African Dive Bonanza project. This will in fact be my first project entirely focusing on diving. The dates for diving out off Simon’s Town could be altered due to weather and diving conditions.

24 June: Stockholm
– London (UK)- Johannesburg

25 June: Johannesburg
– East London (SA)

26 June – 1
July: The Sardine
Run along the Eastern Cape Coast

2 July: East

3 July: East London – Cape Town – Simon’s

4 July: Leisure

5 July: Rescue Diver pool session

6 July: Rescue Diver sea dives


7 July: Leisure

8 July: Deep dives 1 and 2

9 July: Deep dives 3 and 4

10 – 11 July: Leisure

12 July: Wreck dives 1 and 2

13 July: Wreck dives 3 and 4

14 July: Leisure

15 July: Simon’s
Town – Cape Town – Johannesburg – London (UK)

16 July: London
– Stockholm

The video above is from East London, some 200km east of Port Elizabeth. Its a small city that I will be spending one night in after the Sardine Run, and before going to Simon’s Town and two more weeks of diving there.

– A return to wilderness, mountains and glaciers might follow next year in Patagonia.