Better late than never

I swapped banners some three months ago and obviously forgot to write a post about it. Its actually soon time to swap this one too as its turning to summer in a near future here in Sweden.

This photo was taken by some other tourist visiting the Deadvlei in Namibia on 27 December 2015. Deadvlei is a spectacular location to say the least. It used to be an oasis before the water supplies were cut off by a sand dune, so today only the ghostly reminder of the long gone oasis are the dead trees.

Eventhough I had seen plenty of pictures of it, and read about it in book and online, the real thing is almost unreal.

I haven’t posted anything since my return to Sweden from Southern Africa, mainly because of some issues that required my full attention. One of these are of course the forthcoming surgery of my right shoulder, that is dictating much of what, when and how a future travel project will materialise.

The best case scenario is me having the surgery before June, this would allow some six months of recuperation and physiotherapy in order to get my shoulder back to a higher working level that is possible today.

But at the moment everything is on hold, as the CT-scan and a neurophysiological examination of my should in May will tell if more damages will have to be addressed at the surgery. They will try to not only to fix my Acetabular labrum, but also all the muscle ruptures and kook into the indications of Scapular problems. The Teres minor muscle however is gone and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

– I will soon update my website with some fresh project info!