The Cunningham Technique

I went to Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve on Wednesday, to zipline with Cape Canopy Tour at their awesome location. While getting myself ready to be connected onto the seventh cable, the old injuries to my right shoulder caused it to dislocate. I knew straight away what had happened and that this was the end of an enjoyable day.

Standing on the seventh platform with my dislocated shoulder, a fellow zipliner from Brazil tried to help me get my right humerus back inte its proper place, but without any success. I had to be assisted on the remaining cables, since its impossible to quit this zipline tour due to the vertical rock walls that the platforms are located at.

The doctor used the Cunningham Technique to relocate my humerus back into the socket, at the private Vergelegen Medi Clinic, in Somerset West, South Africa.

Shoulder luxation is a common complication of trauma or misuse, and is often anterior indicating movement of the humeral head anteriorly out of the glenoid fossa. The Cunningham Technique involves massaging the bicipital muscle in the mid humerus, with the patient’s affected arm adducted, and the elbow flexed.

At the same time the patient is told to move the shoulder superiorly, and posteriorly to allow the humeral head to relocate back into the glenoid fossae. Patient is often given pain management prior to the procedure to allow tolerance of the procedure.

My photos above pictures me at the Vergelegen Medi Clinic, in Somerset West in the late afternoon of 16 December. I didn’t need any pain management prior, during or after the shoulder relocation, and they did not spill time having X-rays taken before relocating my dislocated right shoulder, only after.

The YouTube video above shows the Cunningham Technique being performed.

There is not much I can do at the moment, except relaxing and resting my shoulder. All the scuba and freediving with blue, mako and sevengill sharks, and sea lions have been cancelled due to this shoulder injury.

– The sharks are still out there, just have to come back and say hello to them another day!