Updating www.jeandar.net

The general idea was to start updating my website already last week, but due to some major video editing software issues, I haven’t been able to do so. The two prime areas of concern are the photo and video pages on www.jeandar.net , that are giong to merge into one single link on the main site (somewhat like Chimborazo 6310m on the photo page). This is intended to provide a more complete picture of those climbing trips etc.

As soon as I’ve sorted out those software issues, I’ll be working on that new single link that eventually will be presented on the main site. At the end of this month the photo and video link on www.jeandar.net will be shut down permanently, and along with that some of my music that’s in those videos! I’ll even review the music page and remove one or two songs of mine there..

– Catch you later guys!