The twelwe banners that headed Ad Astra in 2011

I guess it’s time to present all of the banners for this year.

As previous years, my motifs represents a wide array of situations, locations and expectations. Covering the cold and beautiful Swedish winter on the three first, followed by photos from Nepal, Sweden, Ecuador and two photos from the archipalago of Ă…land. The four last banners pictures Barajas airport in Madrid, Spain, leaves and dumbbells in Stockholm, Sweden, and the the stunning sunset as seen from high camp on Pisang Peak in Nepal 2009.

Click on my images to enlarge.

Ad Astra is read by people in more than 45 countries each month, and I aim to please some of them with with my photos in the banners. Not a single banner for 2012 is made so far though.

– But as always, I’ll try to top the previous year. smiley