The healthy triangle – a foundation you can build your health on

There are three key areas that largely shape our health and are completely within our control: nutrition, exercise and avoiding drugs.


Nutrition comes first. Minimizing saturated fats and increasing dietary fibers from wholesome natural foods, can reduce the risk of heart disease and illness in the gastrointestinal tract. Insuring adequate fruit and vegetable intake, provides our bodies with vitamins and minerals to keep it running smooth.

If training hard, taking a good multivitamin/mineral and a high-end protein supplement could prove to be a good idea. Staying hydrated with lots of clean water is as important as food. Focus on superior food products of all types, not the cheapest or most abundant brands. Our bodies can only rebuild with what is given to them to work with, so make it quality! Remember, what your body looks like in twenty, thirty, or fifty years is determined by what you feed it today.


The second area to heed is exercise. Many may enjoy the weight room but ignore the treadmill, which is a huge mistake. Also, many running addicts detest the dumb bells, which also compromises their overall health. Neither is better than the other. We must pay attention to the heart and the muscular system for complete wellness.

Look at the big picture and how it relates to your current health and fitness routine and goals. For good physical benefits, you can do cardio as little as twice weekly, and the same goes for the weights. Make sure your training programme is balanced!

Avoiding drugs

The third aspect of your healthy triangle should be avoiding drugs and other chemicals that can negatively impact your body and mind. The single greatest factor is nicotine (tobacco). After nicotine the most commonly abused drug is alcohol. A drink or two isn’t bad and may even benefit you, but know when to say when.

After nicotine and alcohol, recreational drugs are commonly abused. We don’t even know the long term effects of some of these substances, so playing doctor and self administering carries unknown and potentially deadly risks. This includes anabolic steroids, so be smart and stay natural!

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a newly joined gym addict, take time to truly prioritise your goals. Pay attention to the foods you eat and the methods you use to exercise, and avoid unnecessary risks.

– In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible.